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How to montage the panel?
We attach to each panel a template with the holes marked. Place the template on the cab body and mark the hole locations. After making the holes, screw the panel with the nuts from the inside. Connect the power cord to the car's installation (24V) via a separate switch. Connect the white wire of the cable to the minus of the installation.


Does AmiLight save my battery?
Yes. When the truck's engine is turned off, the panel shines with less brightness and consumes 30% less battery power.
The panel shines with full brightness only when the truck's engine is running.


How much current and power does the panel take?
When the engine is running, the panel takes 0.4 A of electricity (11.4 W) for each meter of LED strip length.
When the engine is turned off, the panel takes 0,28 A current (6.8 W) for each meter of LED strip length.
Details can be found in the product description for the selected truck brand.


Does the panel require an additional voltage converter?
The panel is adapted to be powered by 24-29 V directly from vehicle installation. It does not require the use of an additional voltage converter. This significantly increases the panel's reliability.


Is the panel brightness adequate?
The brightness is chosen so that the advertisement is perfectly visible after dark, and at the same time that it does not offend excessive brightness.


When to turn on the panel lighting?
The panel lighting should be turned on when you use the car lights to see the way between dusk and dawn.
There are two reasons for this:
1. After dark, the ambient temperature is lower, so the panel works in better conditions and the LEDs are not exposed to overheating
2. In the day the panel lighting is invisible, so there is no point in switching it on. In addition, when the panel lighting is off, it does not get the energy from the truck's battery.


The panel uses DLL technology. What does it mean?
DLL means Double LED Line. This is the dual illumination technology of panel where the LED line is on the top and bottom edges of the panel. Thanks to this, the panel shines brighter and more evenly. And this in turn means that the advertising is more visible and presents itself better. DLL Technology is the only such solution on the market.


Is the panel safe to use?
The panel mounted in accordance with the assembly instructions is completely safe to use.


What is the durability of the panel?
For the production of the panel we use high quality materials resistant to difficult weather conditions (plastic and aluminum). The panel is also very solidly made. The rest is up to you - if you ensure the correct operating conditions, AmiLight will serve you for many years.

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